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Poster Presentations

  • P1: Diffusion behaviour of aluminium and vanadium metal ions present in dental prosthesis, in different environments (Victor Lobo, UC)
  • P2: Removal of calcium and magnesium from hard water by electrochemical techniques (Ana Sofia Rodrigues, UBI)
  • P3: Electrochemical behaviour of 1,10-phenanthroline based [CpRu(PPh3)(L_L)]+ complexes (Paula Robalo, ISEL)
  • P4: Incorporation of porphyrins into SPEEK membranes: synthesis and characterization (Joana Sousa, UC)
  • P5: Wastewater electrolysis for hydrogen production (Marco Cartaxo, IPT)
  • P6: Electrochemical treatment of winery wastewater: influence of the wastewater composition on the recalcitrant pollutants removal (Ana Baía, UBI)
  • P7: Characterization of a carbon paper electrode for ethinylestradiol sensing (Álvaro Torrinha, ISEP)
  • P8: Molten salt oxidation – an overview of salt properties and applications (Valentim Nunes, IPT)
  • P9: Speciation analysis of Rh and Pt in aquatic media: the advantage of coupling stripping voltammetry to other analytical techniques (Carlos Monteiro, IST)
  • P10: Rational development of molecular imprinted carbon paste electrode for furazolidone detection: theoretical and experimental approach (Patrícia Rebelo, ISEP, FCUP)
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