Prémios SPE

José Luís Costa Lima
Prémio SPE 2020
Universidade do Porto, Portugal

Abílio Marques da Silva
Prémio SPE 2021
Universidade do Algarve, Portugal

Plenary Talks

Fátima Montemor
Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal

Miguel Esteso
Universidad de Alcalá, Spain

Invited Keynotes

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Convent of Christ

The Convent of Christ is not just one monument, but instead it comprises the Castle, the Convent, the national wood known as Mata dos Sete Montes, the hermitage Ermida de Nossa Senhora da Conceição, and the aqueduct of Pegões. Founded in 1160 by the Order of the Templars, the Convent was designed to symbolise the Reconquest. However, built over five centuries, it came to symbolise the Portuguese maritime expansion during the Manueline period in the 16th century. The Convent of Christ in Tomar is a Unesco World Heritage Site. The Convent’s highlights include the 12th century Oratory of the Templars, or Charola, the window of the chapter-house decorated in the Manueline style, and the main cloister (also known as the cloister of King D. João III).


Tomar’s Historic Centre

Tomar’s town centre is small, but has an interesting cross-shaped layout pointing to the four cardinal points that mark the four convents in the town. The town centre is quite walkable. The main square is Praça da República which has the town hall and the Church of São João Baptista. From here, you can head:

  • south for the oldest synagogue in Portugal, the old town square, and the Convent of S. Francisco;
  • north for the Chapel of S. Gregório and Nossa Senhora da Piedade and the old Convent of the Anunciada;
  • west for the Castle hill and the Convent of Christ;
  • east for the bridge, the old mills, and the Convent of Santa Iria.


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